Paul Goodwin

Tellison, and on, and on

Published on Thu 19 May 2016

I'm pretty sure that 4 out of the last 5 gigs I've been to have involved either Tellison or Stephen from Tellison, but I saw Tellison again the other day, at The Portland this time.

I missed the first two bands, but Muncie Girls were good, as they were when I saw them supporting Hop Along. Good enough to see live again. Not good enough to really care about when I'm not actually watching them.

Tellison on the other had are way more than good enough to care about. I don't understand why they aren't much more famous than they are. I guess they're getting there - the place was pretty busy. The highlight for me was New York, New York, New York. It was just so intense, but I know every word of every song and the whole thing was great. They're so tight. One of the better bands.