Paul Goodwin
The Northern Lights In The Neon Tube

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"The Northern Lights In The Neon Tube"

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  • Royston Folk Club, Royston
    12 May 2017

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Paul Goodwin

  • BLOG: Rought Cut Mystery Train
    25 Sep 2016
      I played probably my best set in a couple of years last night at The Cornerhouse (if I do say so myself). I guess I've played there a lot so I should feel comfortable, but I felt...
  • PRESS: Video Premiere on Folk Radio UK
    12 Sep 2016
    Folk Radio UK premiered the video for "Wasted on the Young" and ran a paragraph that Paul wrote explaining the song and the video. "My dad has a load of sci-fi books from the...
  • BLOG: It's alright, I understand
    17 Jul 2016
    Holy shit, another band off The List! Dropping like flies. This time The Smith Street Band at The Underworld in Camden, which I'd somehow never been to before (despite a close call with...
  • NEWS: Paul on the radio
    4 Jul 2016
    Paul appeared on Choice Threads on Cambridge 105 last night with Chris Duerden, playing some songs from The Northern Lights in the Neon Tube and playing 9 or 10 other songs he's been...
  • BLOG: Who's The Boss?
    1 Jul 2016
    I crossed another one off The List! Outrageous! This time Bruce Springsteen. I toyed with the idea of getting a ticket to Wembley when I first heard about it, but standing had sold out within about...