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  • CB2, Cambridge
    07 Dec 2015

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Paul Goodwin

Paul Goodwin

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  • BLOG: I may have some writer's block but I'm still useful to you 7 Jun 2015
    I did two lots of playing last week. I know! The first was at CB2 with Joseph Williams and SH Davidson from Tellison (officially my 13th favourite band). Joe lives in Sardinia now and still...
  • BLOG: Nostalgia 29 Mar 2015
    I had a more musicy week than I've had in ages last week. I went on Cambridge 105 Radio on Sunday night, sang a few songs and had a very specific chat with the DJ about people that we both...
  • BLOG: Resolutions 4 Jan 2015
    My traditional end of year post. This has been a very different year to all of the others and while very "interesting" for me, it won't be very interesting to read about much of it....
  • BLOG: Over the parapet 15 Oct 2014
    I poked my head out of the trenches of Responsible Parenting and did a gig last week, supporting John Wheeler from Hayseed Dixie. I remember seeing them on the main stage at Glastonbury...
  • BLOG: Back in the saddle, temporarily 15 Jun 2014
    I had one of the best weekends I've had for a good while the other week. On the Friday night I did my first "proper" gig since September, at the Folk Club. We'd spent the week in...