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  • Secret Garden Party, Abbott's Ripton
    22 Jul 2016

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Paul Goodwin

Paul Goodwin

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  • BLOG: Are you a man? Are you a bag of sand? 12 Mar 2016
    I crossed another band off The List. That is a New Years Resolution completed less than 3 months into the year. Outrageous. It was Frightened Rabbit. My obsessive watching of twitter meant that I...
  • BLOG: Stay Here and Take Care of the Chickens 18 Feb 2016
      I managed to get to a sold out Portland Arms to see The Wave Pictures last night. I must've seen them ten or fifteen times over the years but not for...
  • BLOG: Don't call what you're wearing an outfit 27 Jan 2016
    Who'd have thought it - 3 weeks into the year and I've crossed something off This Year's List. Jason Isbell. It was a bit of a palaver. I'd known he was playing in London for quite...
  • NEWS: New album available for preorder 10 Jan 2016
    Paul's new album "The Northern Lights in the Neon Tube" can now be preordered from the shop. Written and recorded over the last five or so years, almost entirely at his...
  • BLOG: Resolutions 5 Jan 2016
    I really have been slack about posting on here, which is a shame because it was one of my resolutions last year. Anyway, here's my 2015 summary. Bands I saw: Tellisonx2 (and SH Davidson solo...
The Northern Lights In The Neon Tube

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"The Northern Lights In The Neon Tube"

Released Summer 2016
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