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  • The Portland Arms, Cambridge
    02 Oct 2014

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Paul Goodwin

Paul Goodwin

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  • BLOG: Back in the saddle, temporarily 15 Jun 2014
    I had one of the best weekends I've had for a good while the other week. On the Friday night I did my first "proper" gig since September, at the Folk Club. We'd spent the week in...
  • BLOG: Resolutions Rundown 11 May 2014
    So, 4 months on, the last entry here is the one where I promise to write every 2 weeks. There are actually several half written things waiting to go (containing details of the excellent Chris T-T...
  • BLOG: Resolutions 1 Jan 2014
    It's been a very busy year with real life things. So busy that music has pretty much fallen by the wayside and I've got right out of the habit of writing on here. Both are a shame because I don't...
  • BLOG: The pirate's life for me 10 Oct 2013
    I went to see The Mountain Goats at Union Chapel on Tuesday. Last time I saw them was a couple of years ago now, but was wonderful, and this time was very different but (I think) just as good....
  • BLOG: Don't Wake the Scarecrow 31 Jul 2013
    I'm on a Ryanair flight to lanzarote currently somewhere over Spain I think. Stansted is not a fun place in the morning but I'm looking forward to a week of doing nothing. Life is incredibly hectic...