Paul Goodwin


Published on Tue 5 Jan 2016

I really have been slack about posting on here, which is a shame because it was one of my resolutions last year. Anyway, here's my 2015 summary.

Bands I saw: Tellisonx2 (and SH Davidson solo once) (great), Katie Malco (good), Belle and Sebastian (better than I expected), Andrew Jackson Jihad (so, so great), Chris T-T (great), Emily Barker and Gill Sandell (only a few songs, but they were lovely songs), The Travis Waltons (lovely). I'm hoping to do a little better this year, but the days of seeing a hundred bands a year are gone I think. Sadly. 

Last year's Resolutions

  • Do more than 5 solo performances of some sort (I have 3 booked already so it should be feasible!) - DONE
  • Finish one last record (though I have an EP in mind after this album) - DONE (you can preorder it here)
  • Write on here at least once every 2 months and if I do/go to gigs (I missed a couple this year which is a shame) - FAILED
  • Stop reading listicles and "you won't believe what happened" style articles. I might make it so my computer can't access REALLY FAILED, though they have mostly stopped being about celebrity ageing and moved on to theories about the new Star Wars film
  • Cross 2 more bands off The List (right...) - REALLY FAILED, though arguably Andrew Jackson Jihad went on the list shortly before I got a ticket. I was pretty obsessed with them in the week leading up to the gig. I saw Belle and Sebastian too who could've been on there.

This year's resolutions

  • Do more than 5 solo performances of some sort. If I managed it last year...
  • Release the record and try to at least 3/4-arse promoting it. 
  • Write on here at least once every 2 months and if I do/go to gigs (I missed almost everything I did last year I think)
  • Cross 2 more bands off The List 
  • Write a song. I managed one last year.

The list (pretty much unchanged from last year):Frightened Rabbit, The Gin Blossoms, Bruce Springsteen, Brand New, Say Anything, King Creosote and Jon Hopkins, Margot and the Nuclear So and So's, The Smith Street Band, The Retrospective Soundtrack Players, The Wrens, Jason Isbell, Waxahatchee, La Dispute, Bad Books.