Paul Goodwin


Published on Sun 29 Mar 2015

I had a more musicy week than I've had in ages last week. I went on Cambridge 105 Radio on Sunday night, sang a few songs and had a very specific chat with the DJ about people that we both know and none of the listeners (if there were any) would've. It was fun. Bit creepy though when I turned up early and had to stand in the deserted car park next to the graveyard for ages.

For the record I played The Ghost of Paddy's Night Past, Cold Case, Muscle Memory, Phosphorus Burn following tracks from Paul Weller and Paul McCartney. The host is called Paul too. I also tried to be polite about the Folk Festival line up and went into some detail about the movements of my friend Chris Marling.

On Tuesday I did my first gig in 6 months and my first gig where a sensible amount of people were there for goodness knows how long. I was supporting Emily Barker and Gill Sandell at The Portland and despite problems with the posters and fliers and my ability to promote anything it was pretty busy, even for my set. I knew it was going to be good because the taxi on the way there had Metallica's Black Album on. You have to think that most people tell the guy to turn it off, but I told him to turn it up. I played really well, especially considering how little I play these days. Felt in total control of the guitar (except for a few dodgy strumming bits). Setlist: The Ghost of Paddy's Night Past, Watertight, This Place is Dead Anyway, A Happy Ending, Muscle Memory, Heat Death, So Finally a Love Song, Magnetic or Rhetorical, Black Coffee and Bromide, Edinburgh (wasn't going to but people called out for it). I was only able to stay for a bit of Emily and Gill but they sounded lovely, as always.

At least if I hardly ever play it's easier for me to keep up with the "writing whenever I play" resolution I made. The "finish the record" one is going to get done as well I think. Barring any last minute losses of confidence about it I think it'll be ready for mastering in a couple of weeks.

God I hate it when the clocks go forward. As if I'm not late enough for work as it is. This turned up the other day. Seems like a bargain.