Paul Goodwin


Published on Sun 4 Jan 2015

My traditional end of year post. This has been a very different year to all of the others and while very "interesting" for me, it won't be very interesting to read about much of it.

Tragically short list of bands I saw: Smallgang, Oxygen Thief (great), Chris T-T (outstanding), Kevin Devine (outstanding), Anais Mitchell (great), Cheerleader (best support band I've seen in a long time), The Hold Steady (incredible in an intimate venue).

How I did with last years resolutions:

  • Do more than 10 solo performances of some sort (think this will have to include open mics...) - I did 3... They were good though!
  • Finish one last record - no, but really frustratingly close - if anyone wants to hear where it's at and ruin the finished product for themselves (if it happens) just email me
  • Write on here at least once every 2 weeks - haha
  • Stop wasting so much time playing Hay Day on my iPhone just because it makes me feel like I'm achieving something - COMPLETE (I am playing chess a lot now but that feels worthwhile)
  • Cross 2 more bands off The List - nope, though I've crossed Courtney Barnett and Torres off because I don't really care any more. Wouldn't travel to London for example.

I thought learning to drive was one but that was the year before. Shame, cos I did that and would've completed probably a record number of resolutions.

This years resolutions are mostly mundane things involving cake and taking deep breaths, but publicly

  • Do more than 5 solo performances of some sort (I have 3 booked already so it should be feasible!)
  • Finish one last record (though I have an EP in mind after this album)
  • Write on here at least once every 2 months and if I do/go to gigs (I missed a couple this year which is a shame)
  • Stop reading listicles and "you won't believe what happened" style articles. I might make it so my computer can't access
  • Cross 2 more bands off The List (right...)

The current List: Frightened Rabbit, The Gin Blossoms, Bruce Springsteen, Brand New, Say Anything, King Creosote and Jon Hopkins, Margot and the Nuclear So and So's, The Retrospective Soundtrack Players, The Wrens, Jason Isbell, Waxahatchee, La Dispute, .