Paul Goodwin

Over the parapet

Published on Wed 15 Oct 2014

I poked my head out of the trenches of Responsible Parenting and did a gig last week, supporting John Wheeler from Hayseed Dixie. I remember seeing them on the main stage at Glastonbury years and years ago and the standard of playing (particularly by everyone but him) was outrageous. He's ended up living here, though the tour he's on is pretty extensive anyway. As ever I was on to about half the eventual audience but it went really well, especially considering I'd not touched my guitar in months, and double especially considering there was mariachi music coming out of the monitor the whole time. I sold more CDs than any other gig in years - 50 more like that and my CD mountain would be gone! Maybe it's cos I played the Get 'Em While They's Hot I Gots To Go Home To The Baby card.

Setlist (as far as I remember): The Ghost of Paddy's Night Past, Muscle Memory, Magnetic Or Rhetorical, Cold Case, Heat Death, 60 Miles With A Slow Puncture (I forgot some words! Annoying! There are about a million of them though) Closure, A Happy Ending.

Only one song off Scars! That's a bit weird - can that really be right? Progress I guess.