Paul Goodwin

General ignorance

Published on Fri 2 Sep 2011

I've noticed that the standard of English in signage has taken another dip recently. The other day I saw a glossy poster advertising a roaring twenties themed event that boasted of the "loose morales" of the time, which is depressing, but is at least the first time in as long as I can remember when someone has written "loose" when they don't mean "lose". Nearby a printed job advert at a local department store said to apply witin. Maybe it's just a type of make up I'm not familiar with, but I don't reckon anyone who made that kind of mistake in their application would get an interview. I got sent a CV not that long ago that said the applicant had "excellent attention to detial" and although they seemed pretty good otherwise, I "kept it on file". 

I'm not sure even the keenest pizza eater could manage this feast, even if they do get all day to finish:

It's no wonder Habitat have gone bust with this kind of geographical knowledge. (It's from their "Capitals" range)

My personal favourite is this unintentionally insincere sounding apology. Even the name of the establishment seems to be open to doubt.

Inappropriate quotation marks

I don't know why I care about this stuff. I'm a small, petty man I guess.